Dorothy’s Evolving Quilt

My daughter is helping me make a quilt for her bed. She is picking out each design and the fabrics she wants. She has also helped sew them a few of them together, some more than others. We went to the fabric store and picked out 2 fabrics that we are going to use in each block, the rest picked from my fabric stash. I will post pictures here as we complete the blocks.

If I do not have a detailed description with the block, then I have posted more information in my blog.

Quilt Block #1

dquilt1 (602x640)

2″ squares

Quilt Block #2

dquilt2 (633x640)

1 and 2″ strips

Quilt Block #3

dquilt3 (640x581)

Paper pieced animals

Quilt Block #4

quiltblock4 (640x618)

Moonlight landscape with cat.

Quilt Block #5

quiltblock#5 (640x480)

Painted circles with happy circle flowers, leafs and birds machine appliqued.

Quilt Block #6

quilt block #6 (640x480)

Machine stitched feathers with machine appliqued shafts.

Quilt Block #7

quilt block7

The pieces of this Water Lily were snipped out individual and lightly glued down. It was then covered with a fine white tulle and stitched down with a tight zigzag stitch..

Quilt Block #8

quilt block 8 (627x640)

This elegant lady is fused down to a bright multi-colored background. I then used thread to add highlights to the hair, sewed around the body and used a decorative stitch to add even more interest to the dress. The two ready-made flowers give it that special touch. Gel pens were used on the face.

 Quilt Block #9

quilt #9 (640x636)

The sun and sand. Read the post Quilt Block #9 for information on how I completed this piece.

Quilt Block #10

DSCN1395 (640x636)

Bubble Owls!

Quilt Block #11


Under the Sea!

Quilt Block #12

quilt block 12 (640x627)

Whose Pumpkin House?

Quilt Block #13

quilt block 11

All My Pets!

Quilt Block #14


Butterfly Girl

Quilt Block #15

windmill 15

Windmills a-turning

Quilt Block #16

christmas tree 16

Christmas Tree

Quilt Block #17

quilt block #17 (640x622)

Some of my favorite things

Quilt Block #18


Easter bunny


Well, except for the assembling. And quilting. And binding…..


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