Adventures with Paint

I started taking painting classes in April 2013.  My medium is acrylic paints, heavy body. It was hard to think of how to use paint other than tole paint, but I am getting there. I will share the paintings I have done with your here with some information. They will be from the latest to the first. The classes are provided through the HRM.

It is my hope that I will become comfortable with what I have learned to be confident enough to try a mixed media outlet for my creativity.


June 18/13: For this painting I used a closeup of some flowers in my backyard. Learned that if I am going to take two weeks to get back to a painting I should write down the paints I used to mix my colors, as oil will dry out in that time period, even in a sealed bag. I think it looks like how an ant would see it. This painting is mixed media, gouche, acrylic and oil.

bluebells (480x640)

The Ant’s Bluebells.

May 28/13: My fifth painting was my most adventurous so far. I struggled for a little, until I convinced myself to just let go and have fun, like I did on my last painting. It is from a picture I took of my daughter blowing bubbles. This painting is mixed media, acrylic and oil.

Daugtherpainted (640x480)

Watch me blow bubbles Mom.

May 14/13: My fourth painting did not go as I expected, but ended up being even better. I just painted off the top of my head and did what felt right. I also used oil paint this time; that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed using oil.

painting4 (640x480)

An experiment in letting go.

May 7/13: Third painting finished. It is a from a picture I took during a visit, many years ago, to the Republic of Dominican.

farm (640x473)

A surprise farm popping up in the middle of the Island.

April 22/13: Finished an ocean view I did from a photo provided by my teacher. It was with this painting that I had my ‘ah ah’ moment on how I should use this paint by watching Carol touch-up areas. I painted 75-80% myself.


An ocean view, with much learnt.

April 2/13: Finished this one my first class. It is of a still life My teacher Carol set up. This one shows how much I taught myself, and how much I have to learn. But learn I shall. I painted 95% myself.


A still life of many colors.


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