Two T-shirt Refashions

I managed, somehow, to find time to do two refashions for our latest Pinterest challenge. Since then my days have all continued to evaporate from morning to evening, making me wonder what faery had granted me with the time to refashion two, and where oh where can I find her again?!?


For the first refashion I combined two t-shirts. The angel t-shirt was a refashion from few years ago that I wanted to ‘change’ again, but didn’t want to lose any more of the angel. Finally I saw a Pinterest post that caught my attention.

The previously refashioned Angel

The previously refashioned Angel

After figuring out the size of the angel to be cut, I used those measurements to determine the size of the opening on the front of the green t-shirt. Now for more measuring and lots of marking.

and the other one

and the other one

I folded the t-shirt in half, matching the shoulder and bottom seams, to find the middle of the front. I then drew a line (I used tailors chalk, which most times will iron off) down the center. Using the center line as a guide I drew two more lines down the sides. These lines mark the sides of the open. DO NOT CUT anything yet! Now mark the inside of the of the t-shirt the same way. The inside lines will be used to sew the angel onto the green t-shirt.

line how to

Turn the t-shirt right side out again. Staring from the bottom, I marked every inch on each side line. Draw a line across the front of the shirt. These lines are cutting lines, but not yet. Put those scissors down!

pretty purple angel

pretty purple angel

I cut out the angel, a little bigger then the finished size on the sides and bottom. With the inside of the green t-shirt facing you, place the angel face down. Line up the sides and the top; you will have more fabric hanging beneath the hem. I machine basted the angel down the two sides.

I used a small self-healing mat to help prevent me from pinning the front to the back.

I used a small self-healing mat to help prevent me from pinning the front to the back.

Now it is time to cut ALL those lines, from one side to the other. Now for more cutting – cut the ends on one side line only. The weaving is very easy. I divided all the strips into 3 sections, and just was lucky enough to have even numbers in all three sections. I am going to use the section of 10 for the explanation, with ‘strip #’  coming from the uncut side and ‘spot #’ being on the cut side. Number each strip 1 to 10. Gently tug on each strip to make it curl in on itself. Ok, here we go….

weaving time

weaving time

Take strip 1 and pin to the spot 6. Continue as follows strip 2 to spot 7, strip 3 to spot 8, strip 4 to spot 9, and strip 5 to spot 10. Now for the weaving. Take strip 6 and weave it under and then over strips 1-5 until through all 5 strips and pin to spot 1. Take strip 7 and weave it over and then under strips 1-5 until thorough all 5 strips and pin to spot 2. Continue as follows, strip 8 under and over to spot 3, strip 9 over and under to a spot 4, and strip 10 under and over to spot 5.

That's a lot of weaving.

That’s a lot of weaving.

I did the other two sections of strips the same way. I tucked the side edges under, pinning in place. You could leave them under tucked. Sew down the edges of the sides, backstitching at the top and bottom.

finished hem

finished hem

Time to finish the hem of the angel. Turn up the bottom edge to be even with the hem line of the green t-shirt and double stitch the hem to match. Lastly, turn the t-shirt inside out and trim the extra purple away.

I love the look, but am not sure about how much cleavage this ended up showing. Next time I will use an t-shirt that has a higher neck line.

before after 1


Next up is the refashion of a t-shirt dress. Originally I had intended on turning it into a tunic, but Pinterest had other ideas.

uhmm....just something not quite right with this.

uhmm….just something not quite right with this.

I cut the top off and used the empire waist section for the waist. I had to take in the sides and I also raised the hem line.

snip snip

snip snip

I cut off at least 4 inches of the hem, which I trimmed down to 3 inches wide. I then cut the bottom of the top in two 3″ strips. I sewed the two strips from the top and the strip from the hem into one long section. Dividing this long strip into 4 section I then machine basted each section.

DSCN3803 (640x480)

3 inch strips

Marking the middle of the front and back and using the side seams I divided the skirt into 4 sections, measuring up 6 inches from the hem. Pinning the strip sections to the mark skirt sections, I gathered each section evenly and pinned down. Next was sewing down the gathered strips at the top and bottom, stretching the fabrics slightly while sewing.

all pinned up and ready to sew

all pinned up and ready to sew

Now the extra fabric from the angel t-shirt shows up again.  I cut out three flower shapes, same size. I dug through my t-shirt straps and found a green that worked nicely with the green of the skirt. I cut out three leaves.

and now for a little touch of spring...

and now for a little touch of spring…

I arranged the flower, all three attached on top of each other and then arranged the leave. I sewed the leaves down first and then placed the stacked flower back on top of the leaves and sewed it down.

back view

back view

I now have a fun skirt for the warm weather, the one or two days a week we are currently being treated to here in Nova Scotia any way.



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